Utilize RaiseMe as a call to action with your non-responder campaigns from previously run search phases. With a call to action around scholarships and aid, you can address what students are most concerned about: paying for college.  


Best Practices 

  • We recommend providing sophomore and junior records to help facilitate earlier and longer engagement. 
  • The ideal times to launch a non-responder campaign are back-to-school and end of semester, to correlate with RaiseMe high volume times. 
  • Be mindful of program parameters and send records that align with eligibility requirements.   


Steps to Begin 

To run a campaign, your institution will need to provide the following:  

  1. Sign the contract addendum provided by your Client Executive 
  2. Send a university logo (preferably white) and hex code for your institution’s primary school color to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) 
  3. Upload your student file to the RaiseMe College Portal 
  4. Optional: We can include an Admissions contact in the email. If you are interested in this, please provide the name, title, and a photo of the contact to your CSM.  


Data Upload 

To prepare data for the launch of this campaign, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Compile your list of non-responder students to include in the campaign. Include basic demographic information: first name, last name, and email. 
  2. Name your file with the name of your institution and a brief description. For example, “Raise University Non-Responder Campaign.”  
  3. Submit Your Data FileUpload the data file through your College Portal. Please do not send the data file via email. Reach out to your CSM if you have any questions.  


Final Steps 

At the conclusion of your campaign, your CSM will reach out to you with results, including:  

  • Open rate, 

  • Click rate, and  

  • Join page sign ups generated from the campaign. 




What are the options for editing templates? 

We have tested multiple versions, tracked engagement, and chosen templates that are most impactful for students on the platform. Each message will drive students to your unique RaiseMe join page to encourage engagement with your program and institution. Schools can choose to provide a customized About section for the campaign and an Admissions contact to be included in the messaging (see sample emails).  


Does the RaiseMe team de-dupe names to see if they already have a RaiseMe profile?  

Yes, our data team de-dupes students that already follow your institution on RaiseMe. 


Why are these campaigns typically for sophomore and junior students? 

Because RaiseMe is an early engagement tool, our recommendation is to include records purchased no later than the spring semester of a student’s junior year. This allows for these records to go through traditional student search campaign and have plenty of time to interact with RaiseMe prior to the senior earnings deadline.