Release Notes

This release contains a new global role and updates to existing ones, an update to the Scholarship Criteria report, and a minor fix.


  • [SU-1613] - Global Role Updates
    • A new support role called Match Explorer User can be assigned to users to give them access to the Match Explorer tool. Other roles that have had updates:
      • Scholarship Viewer now has view only access to applications and question personalization
      • Help Desk now has access to the Student Data tab within the student profile; please note that sensitive information can be hidden by implementing the SIS security tiers and assigning the Medium/High Sensitive Data roles
      • Question Manager now has access to the following reports: List Criteria Usage, Question Usage, and Question/List Values

  • [SU-1586] - Add Scholarship Code to Scholarship Criteria Report


  • [SU-1630] - Scholarship Import - Trimming Spaces
    • Fixed an issue where tags included in the scholarship import were causing the scholarship record to error if it contained leading or ending spaces, as it was not finding an exact match to existing tags.