In StudentForms after a student has completed a task and submitted the task for review, any documents uploaded into StudentForms are ready to be reviewed by the school. School users may review documents as they appear within the specific transaction type for a student or from the Document Review Workflow. Document Review must be completed prior to the school being able to complete file review for the Verification and Appeals transactions. 

School users with Admin and Limited Admin access are able to review documents within the File Review, Appeals and Document review workflows. They are also able to review documents within a specific student's account for Verification and Appeals.

School users with Generic Transaction Admin access are able to review documents within the Other Documents workflow and within a specific student's account for the other documents transaction.

School users with the following roles are able to review documents from the workflow for the transaction type they are assigned and within a specific student's account for the transaction type they have access to:

  • School FAO - Verification transaction through the File Review Workflow and Document Review Workflow
  • PJ User - PJ EFC and PJ DO transactions through the Appeal Workflow
  • EFA User - EFA transaction through the Appeal Workflow
  • COA User - COA Transaction through the Appeal Workflow
  • Custom Transaction User - Custom Transaction through the Appeal Workflow

Helpdesk users only have view-only access and are unable to complete document review.

Document Review Users - Only have access to the Document Review Workflow. They are unable to review documents from within a specific student's account. 

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Review Document Screen Overview

The document review screen is used for the school user to review documents submitted by the student to the school, complete data entry on information provided on the document that corresponds to an ISIR field. The ISIR fields are used in the Smart File Review section for verification, reject code, and c code resolution. School users may also pend or reject documents in the document review screen.

  1. Student's First Name, Last Name and Student ID 
  2. Document type that was uploaded into StudentForms
    • In StudentForms the document type is based on the document requested in the upload step, it does not change to reflect the actual document uploaded. i.e. the upload request was for tax return transcripts (document type) but the student uploaded their W-2 forms. The document type will still show tax return transcripts.
  3. First person to open and review document. 
    • The document will lock for a period of time to prevent multiple users from completing review on a document at the same time. 
    • If the person no longer has the document open and it is still locked, you may need to close and re-open the document.
    • If the document is still locked this indicates the user showing as Locked By closed their browser instead of closing the document. The Locked by user may need to re-open the document and close using the close button.
  4. Document Values are tied to ISIR fields used in File Review. 
    • All document Values must be entered to enable the Complete button unless indicated as (Optional)
    • The school user may Pend or Reject the document at any time.
    • StudentForms uses the Field Names from the EDE Technical Reference. Please see Document Review - Document Value Field Names/ISIR Field Names Translation for a chart with the more common field names from the SAR/FAFSA/ISIR. 
    • Please note: The spouse tax documents are all tied to the Student Income Fields on the ISIR and are labeled as Student's in the File Review section. Please enter the values from the spouse's tax documents and StudentForms performs a tax summation with the student's tax documents on your behalf. There are no spouse specific ISIR fields in the EDE Technical Reference besides Income Earned From Work.
  5. Pagination for files that were uploaded as separate images. 
    • StudentForms will combine them into one document with multiple pages. 
    • PDF files are combined to allow scrolling down instead of having to use the navigation buttons between pages. 
  6. Document Review Action buttons:
    • Completed (Accept) the document and any associated ISIR fields are used in the File Review section.
    • Pend a pend icon will be placed in the document grid
      • The document is skipped over when the get next document button is used
      • The document is still visible using view all or by searching for student
      • Pend status remains until the document is completed/accepted
    • Reject allows the school user to send the document back to the student for additional documentation or correction.

Opening a Document for Review

The school user can open a document for review in several ways depending upon the transaction type. For the verification transaction type, the school user may use either the file review workflow, document review workflow, or by searching for a student. For all other transaction types, the school user may use either the workflow or by searching for a student.

Document Review Workflow

From the Workflow Screen the user would either:

  • Click View All to choose a student from the workflow
  • Click Get Next Document to get the next document ready for review that is not in a pended status and is not being reviewed by another user

Review Workflows

School users would first pull up a student by using either the Get Next button or the View All button. 

After opening the student's transaction the document review section is at the top of the Review tab. 

  • Click View to open the document for review

Student Search

The school user would use the search box on the top right of student forms to enter the search criteria for the student. Once the student is found, click on the student to open their profile. 

  • Click Transactions to navigate to the transactions screen

  • Click Review for the transaction type the document is in

After opening the student's transaction the document review section is at the top of the Review tab. 

  • Click View to open the document for review

Document Statuses

Within the document review section of the Review tab, school users will see different document statuses to indicate if the document has been reviewed.  

  • In the first column, the status of the document is represented visually by an icon.
    • A document that is Not Reviewed will be blank
    • A document that is Pending will have a yellow clock
    • A document that is Rejected will have a red circle with an x
    • A document that is Reviewed will have a green circle with a checkmark
  • The Status column shows the status of the document. The following document statuses are used in StudentForms:
Document StatusStatus Description
Not ReviewedThe student has either not submitted the document or the document has not been reviewed by the school. Documents that have been submitted will have the View option.
PendingThe document has been reviewed by the school and requires additional review at the school.
RejectedThe document has been reviewed by the school and is not correct, not complete, or requires additional pages.
ReviewedThe document has been reviewed by the school and approved or accepted.
  • Documents that have been submitted by the student will have the view option
  • Documents that have not been reviewed will have a delete option for admin users only
    • Note: Deleting submitted documents should only be done for documents uploaded into the incorrect account
    • Once documents are deleted in this manner they cannot be recovered in StudentForms
  • If additional documents are needed the school user may use the Add+ button at the top of the document review grid
  • Show Previous Version link allows the school to view documents that were previously submitted, rejected by school user, and then re-submitted by the student. 

Discrepancies Button

When a student has submitted the same document multiple times and the school user has completed data entry for the document values on each document, StudentForms checks the document values across versions of the same documents and identifies changes in the information provided. If there are changes in the values entered during document review the school user will see the Discrepancies button for the document.


The Discrepancies button is informational only and does not require action for a file review to be completed within StudentForms. The school user should refer to their school's policies and procedures for determining if action is required. 

  • If the school's policy and procedures are to use the most recent document submitted as the document for review, then the school user may continue with their review.
  • If the school's policy and procedures are to review the different versions to determine if follow up is required, the school user would do the following:
    • Click the Discrepancies button to view the ISIR fields where the difference in data entry occurred
    • Click the Show Previous Versions link to view previous versions of the document submitted
    • If additional information is required the user may reject the document or request additional documents

Completing Document Review

Prior to a school user being able to complete the review, all required documents for the transaction must be in a Reviewed status. 

After the document has been opened, the school user should follow their school's policies and procedures for reviewing documents for completeness and conflicting information. Based on their review of the document the school user may Complete/Accept, Pend, or Reject the document.

Complete/Accept Document

The Completed button and Accept button are used for documents that the school user has reviewed and determine they meet the requirements for the task or file review.  Clicking the Completed button or the Accept button marks the document as reviewed in the Document Review section of the Review tab.  Clicking the Completed button or the Accept button from the Document Review Workflow removes the document from the workflow and marks it as reviewed. 

  • The Completed button is used for documents that have Document Values associated with the document that correspond to ISIR fields. 
    • All Document values must have a value entered before the Completed button is enabled unless otherwise specified with (Optional).
  • The Accept button is used for documents that do not have document Values associated with the document.

Pend Document

The Pend button would be used to mark a document as pended by placing an indicator in the document review section of the Review tab, in the document review workflow. When using the document review workflow it also skips the document when using the Get Next button. A school may determine when the pend button should be used, usually, this is to indicate an additional review is needed to determine if the documentation provided meets the school's requirements. 

Rejecting Document

The Reject button would be used to return a document that the school user determines does not meet the school's requirements to complete the verification, reject code, or c code resolution. Click the Reject button to open the Reject Document modal.

  • Select reason for rejecting document from the dropdown list. 
    • If the student missed uploading pages of the document select the option "The document is incomplete (requires additional pages)" to allow the student to append pages to their already uploaded document. 
  • Enter comments here allows the school user to provide additional instruction to the student on what is needed to satisfy the task's requirements. 
    • Anything typed in the comment box is visible to the student. 
  • Click Reject to reject the document and re-open the upload steps for the student to provide the necessary documentation.
  • Click Close to cancel rejecting the document and return to the document review modal.

After the document has been rejected, if notifications are enabled the student receives an email and/or text message that their document requires review.

The rejected task for the student also has indicators that the document was rejected.

  • Alert on the task to indicate which task has the rejected document.
  • Indicator on the step to indicate that the step has not been completed.
  • Instructions provided by school user during document rejection appears with the step/document that was rejected.

In the document review section additional options appear for rejected documents.

  • Click Reject button to view the reason and comments entered during document rejection and see additional options

  • Click Drop Down to update the reason and/or comments for rejected document
  • Click Recall button to recall the rejected document and return it to the previous status prior to rejection

Once all documents have been reviewed the transaction status moves from Reviewing Uploaded Documents to Reviewing File to allow for the school user to complete file review for Verification or Appeals transactions.