All initial notifications that a student is selected for verification or has a c code requiring resolution is initiated by the school in accordance with the school's current process. No initial student notification is generated from StudentForms.

The school may use the Student ISIRs report to help identify students who have verification and/or c code flag(s) on their ISIR to help with the initial notification process.

Once the student has created an account, notifications from StudentForms take over. Notifications continue to be sent until the student completes their tasks, the account is deactivated or the transaction is expired.

For students who have created an account in StudentForms, if enabled, a New Award Year Reminder communication is sent once an ISIR for a new award year is imported into StudentForms. The school admin should review the content of the New Award Year Reminder communication to update and meet the notification requirements for verification if the only notice the student receives is that they are selected for verification for subsequent years. Once the student logs into their account, the New Award Year Reminders are replaced by the regular task reminder communications.

For more information on StudentForms communications please see the Communications Setup.