Please note: If you are a student or parent user, STOP and contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university for assistance. The information below is intended for the Office of Financial Aid users only. It will not provide information for the student or parent user to access their account. If you are a student or parent user and provide feedback, you will receive a response to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university. 

After the student logs into StudentForms, to update certain settings, they click on their name in the upper right corner of the screen. In the drop down menu there are two options:

  • Profile - Takes the student to their profile page in PlatformMangement.
  • Logout - Logs student out of the system.

General Tab

The student can manage their online profile on the General page. On this page, the student can update the following by clicking the "Pencil" icon:

  • Profile Picture
  • Student ID
    • Please note: The school must have the Allow Student ID Editing enabled to allow editing. This can be managed in PlatformManagement: Settings > Platform Settings.
  • Password
    • Please note: Direct Sign On Schools have the ability to change their password.  Single Sign On Schools do not have the option to change the password due to this is maintained by the school portal, not StudentForms.

The student's Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Number were provided at the time of account creation and cannot be updated by the student. 

Communications Tab

The Communications page displays the student's contact information and their preferences of receiving notifications. 

Contact Information

In the Contact Information section, the student can manage their email address and mobile number. If the student has not verified their email address, the "Verify" button will be present beside the student's email address. Direct Sign On (DSO) students and parents who have forgotten their username or password may use the Forgot Username and Forgot Password links on the Secure Login screen. 


The student has the ability to manage the way they receive notifications.

If the school has SMS setting enabled, the student can opt to receive text messages for notifications. Email notifications are defaulted to be enabled, but the student can turn these off.