The FAO Activity report allows the school admin users to view how many files have been reviewed by each school user for a specific date range.  The activity includes when a school user does the following:

  • Completes a file review (Complete Review, Approve, Deny)
  • Rejects a document
  • Requests additional information

The report only provides a count of the number of transactions that have had one of the above actions taken, it does not specify the student the action was taken on or what the action was. 

School users with Admin and Admin(Limited) roles have access to the FAO Activity report. The reports may be accessed from the left-hand menu in StudentForms. 

The Reports screen has two tabs:

  • Generate Reports - Displays the reports available for the school user to request
  • Historical Reports - This allows the school user to view the reports that they have requested previously
    • The reports displayed on the Historical Reports tab are specific to the user that requested them

FAO Activity Reporting

Navigate to StudentForms>Reports>FAO Activity

  • Enter Date Range - School users may want to enter a shorter date range due to the report generates a separate row for each date included in the range
  • Click the Submit button to submit the request to the queue for processing
    • The user will receive the report link through their email. This link is user-specific and should not be shared since it will not work for other users.   You must also be logged into StudentForms to use the link to download the report.
    • The report contains the following:
      • Each school user is listed in a column across the top of the report
      • Each date included in the date range is listed as a row
      • Each date that a school user has one of the specified activities above will have a count of students
  • Click the Cancel button to cancel the request and return to the report screen