Note: The RaiseMe spot scholarship feature is currently in the pilot phase. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in participating in the pilot. 

Spot Scholarship is a new targeted micro-scholarship feature that allows you to easily upload a list of students to update their RaiseMe award with additional dollars after your program’s earning deadline. You can use spot scholarships as a way to engage with students who have not yet applied or submitted their deposit. 

To use this feature: 

  1. Access your submitted student file in the RaiseMe college portal. Identify which submitted students you would like add additional scholarship dollars to, as well as the amount you want to add. 
  2. Upload the file through your RaiseMe college portal. The file must include the following columns:  
    • first_name 
    • last_name 
    • raisecode 
    • email 
    • award_amount 
    • award_name 
  3. Notifications to students about their additional scholarship will be sent automatically through RaiseMe and may take 24-48 hours to completely send. 
  4. Send students a follow up email from your team accompanying the message sent from our platform to further drive engagement.  


How to Upload Your File Through the College Portal

When you are ready to notify students of their spot scholarship awards, you can share the data securely through your college portal login. To upload data through the portal, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Account Settings in the RaiseMe portal.  

Graphical user interface, application

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2. Select the Spot Award File Upload tab.Graphical user interface, application

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3. Ensure your file includes the following columns:  

  • first_name 
  • last_name 
  • raisecode 
  • email 
  • award_amount
  • award_name 

Download a sample CSV template to see an example of the requested format and required fields. 

Note: The “award amount” you enter in this file is the amount you want to add to the existing award for each student in the submitted student file, over four years. For example, if you want to add a $100 per year spot scholarship, enter 400 in the award amount field. Do not include a dollar sign with award amount.

4. Click the + button to upload file. The students in the file will be notified of their spot scholarship award within 24-48 hours of the upload. 

Email Sent from RaiseMe

We use a templated email to notify students of their spot scholarship award. The text reads as follows: 

Subject: More ? from [school name


Hi [name], 

Congratulations! After reviewing your RaiseMe portfolio, [school name] is prepared to boost your total RaiseMe micro scholarship dollars and offer you a RaiseMe scholarship valued at [dollar amount]! 

Please keep in mind your RaiseMe scholarship represents a minimum scholarship amount you will receive from [school name] if you apply, are admitted, and enroll. If you receive a higher scholarship once you’ve been admitted, this would take the place of your RaiseMe micro scholarship. 

Still, this means you are guaranteed to receive at least [dollar amount] in scholarship funding if you apply and are admitted to [school name], with the potential to receive an even higher scholarship. 

This is all good news! We will be cheering for you as you take the next step on your college journey. 

All the best, 

The RaiseMe Team

Spot Scholarship Follow Up Communication Recommendations

After our email goes out, we recommend that you send a follow up email with specific calls to action for your institution. Sample follow up emails are as follows: 

Audience: Submitted RaiseMe admitted students

Message: Encourage to deposit 

Subject: RaiseMe Scholarship Follow-Up—Commit today! 

Hello [name], 

Once again, congratulations on your admission into [school name]! We are excited to welcome you to campus. 

We wanted to follow up on additional scholarship money you received a notification about recently. 

[insert institutional context] 

If you have any questions regarding this scholarship, please contact us at [insert email]. 

When you’re ready, please use this link to submit your deposit and confirm your spot in the Class of 2026 at [school name]! 

Audience: Submitted followers who have not applied

Message: encourage to apply 

Subject: RaiseMe Scholarship Follow-Up—Apply today! 

Hello [name], 

We know this can be a busy time for you as you are making decisions on where to apply and attend college. To alleviate some of the stress, [school name] has awarded you additional scholarship funds through RaiseMe.

[insert institutional context] 

Need help remembering all of your accomplishments? Reference your RaiseMe profile to jog your memory and consider highlighting some of these accomplishments in your essays. 

Read our [student blog] for more advice on the transition to college and reach out to your admissions counselor [insert name] with questions.

Don’t forget to complete your application by [application deadline] to lock in your micro-scholarship earnings!