Release Notes

The release contains a couple of bug fixes.


  • [SA-573] - 1000 Question/Response Train Limit
    • Fixed the training process to now allow more than 1000 draft question/training to be trained in the application. Previously it was limited to 1000 and would leave users stuck without being able to move forward unless removing drafts records to be at or under 1000 to train at once, which was an issue for institutions onboarding with more than 1000 question/response records are once. It is recommended to import content in smaller groups rather than one import of everything.
  • [SA-576] - StudentAdvisor User Switch Not Found
    • Resolved an issue where the Switch to Employee switch in the profile drop down was hidden from all Single Sign-On (SSO) users, which wouldn't allow student workers to properly switch over to the institution side of the application.