The Outstanding Student Tasks report allows the school user to view a list of tasks that have not been submitted by the student that may require additional follow-up in addition to the StudentForms automatic reminders. The information on the report also allows an institution to identify tasks that are at risk of not being completed by your student demographic. The report also displays an indicator if a task is ready to submit if the school's policy is to submit on behalf of the student or has the setting Enable Task Auto Submit enabled in Settings>Basic

Users with Admin, Admin(Limited), FAO roles have access to request the Outstanding Student Tasks report. The reports may be accessed from the left-hand menu in StudentForms. 

The Reports screen has two tabs:

  • Generate Reports - Displays the reports available for the school user to request
  • Historical Reports - This allows the school user to view the reports that they have requested previously
    • The reports displayed on the Historical Reports tab are specific to the user that requested them

Outstanding Student Documents Report

Navigate to StudentForms>Reports>Outstanding Student Tasks

  • Select Transaction Category- Default is All, school users may select a single category from the dropdown to only display outstanding documents for the selected transaction
    • Transaction Categories:
      • SAP Appeal
      • Dependency Appeal
      • Family Contribution Appeal
      • COA Appeal
      • EFA Appeal
      • Other Documents
      • Verification
  • Select Transaction Status - Default is All, school user may select transaction status of collecting or re-collecting
  • Select Award Year - Default is All, school users may select a specific award year from the dropdown
  • Task Name - School user may specify task name by typing into the box
  • Clicking the Submit button sends the request to the queue to be processed.
    • The user will receive the report link through their email. This link is user-specific and should not be shared since it will not work for other users.   You must also be logged in to StudentForms to use the link to download the report.
    • The report contains the following information:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • School ID
      • Student SSN Last 4
      • Award year
      • Task Name
      • Transaction Type
      • Ready To Submit - allows school users to see if a task is ready to submit, then based on their policies and procedures may submit on behalf of the student
      • SSN - Only if the Include Full SSN checkbox is checked. School users should follow their internal policies and procedures for determining if Full SSN should be included in the report. 
  • Clicking the Cancel button cancels the request and returns the user to the Reports screen