Please note: If you are a student or parent user, STOP and contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university for assistance. The information below is intended for the Office of Financial Aid users only. It will not provide information for the student or parent user to access their account. If you are a student or parent user and provide feedback, you will receive a response to contact the Office of Financial Aid at the student's college/university.  

There may be several reasons why a student is receiving an error message when trying to create an account in StudentForms. For error messages on the Create Parent Account screen, please see Parent - Account Creation Error Messages.

Error Code 1010

For DSO schools, Error Code 1010 indicates that information being entered into the Confirm Student Information section that does not match what is on the ISIR. 

In order to create an account, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • These four identifying fields must match the FAFSA exactly for an account to be created.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number/DREAM ID
  • The student will not be able to create an account if the student:
    • Invalid ISIR
      • Does not have a SSN match flag value of 4
      • ISIR has a reject code
      • A c code for not passing the checks with the Social Security Administration for any of the four identifying fields.
    • The student does not have an ISIR in StudentForms
    • A Verified Student Record - see Student Accounts VS Verified Students for more information.

Unknown Error Occurred

For SSO schools, an unknown error can occur if an account was already created using the four identifying fields. In these cases, the student should contact the school's Financial Aid Office.

Some of the situations where this message will appear are:

  • The student used a shared computer (computer lab, library, etc.) and the person using the computer prior to the student did not fully log out of their session on the computer.
  • The student has a sibling/spouse/parent/roommate who also attends the institution and the other person did not fully log out of their school account.
  • The student used a school employee's computer and the school employee was logged into their session.

If another person is logged into the computer using SSO, when the student creates their account it is associated with the person who is logged into the computer. If this occurs, the school has the ability to force re-registration for the student. Please see Unlink SSO Account for more information.

Common Data Entry Errors

Below are some common data entry errors the student may make when creating their account:

  • Not including suffixes in the last name that were included on the FAFSA/DREAM Application.
    • Entering "Evans" instead of "Evans Jr".
  • Using a nickname or shorter version of full name, when full name was used on the FAFSA/DREAM Application
    • Entering "Rich" instead of "Richard".
  • Extra spaces were entered between names on the FAFSA/DREAM Application  but not during Student Account Creation.
    • Entering "McFadden" but "Mc Fadden" was on the FAFSA/DREAM Application .
  • Special characters entered in name on FAFSA/DREAM Application, and not entered when creating an account.
    • Entering "La Juan" instead of "La'Juan".
      • Please note: Apple device users may experience issues creating an account if they have smart punctuation enabled on their device. Smart punctuation will need to be turned off prior to creating an account.

Troubleshooting Steps 

The best way to confirm the information is to review with the student the information being entered into the Confirm Student Information section to ensure the student is entering the information as it appears on the FAFSA.  The school user should complete the following troubleshooting steps when helping students with account creation error messages:

  • Confirm that an ISIR was uploaded into system should search StudentForms. If nothing is returned from the search, this indicates the ISIR may not be imported yet.
  • Additionally, if nothing is returned from the search, check the Invalid ISIR column for not passing the check with SSA.
  • Confirm that the student is entering their information into the confirm student information section exactly as is was entered on the FAFSA/DREAM Application.
  • Using the ISIR PDF may allow the school to see extra spaces between suffixes or multiple names entered into first or last name fields.  

If an error still occurs after confirming the information, please have your support administrator create a support ticket to have support research the issue. Please include detailed information on troubleshooting steps the school has attempted with the student. See What information should be included in a ticket? for more information.