Release Notes

This release contains the conversion of UTC to local time zone date and time, the ability to add/remove Donors while scholarships are being awarded, displaying the Award Status on the scholarship Awards tab, and a fix for column manager usage.


  • [SU-1598] - Converting Date and Time to Local Browser Time
    • Date and times across the site are now converted to your local time. While everything is still stored in UTC time as normal, your internet browser is now able to determine which time zone you are currently in and convert the UTC time to your current time zone date and time. Please note that reporting is still driven off UTC time.
  • [SU-1627] - Ability to Add/Remove Donors in Scholarships in Awarding Status
    • Updated the logic to allow Donors to be added and removed from a scholarship that is currently in Awarding status. Previously the interface did not allow the donor field to be edited. Adding a Donor will grant them access to view thank you letters (if any) and review data around the existing awards. Removing a Donor will hide the thank you letters and data associated to the scholarship. Please note that at least one Donor is still required to be associated to the scholarship if the scholarship requires thank you letters.
  • [SU-1626] - Display the Award Status on the Scholarship Awards Tab
    • The Award grid on the scholarship Awards tab now displays the current Award Status. This feature allows user to see where the awards are in the award flow, and help differentiate the difference of a $0 award because it has been recently promoted or if it has been removed or declined.


  • [SU-1626] - Ensure Column Manager Uses Server Side Paging
    • Update the logic for the Column Manager used in the scholarship Candidates tab, scholarship Awards tab, and Award View page to use server side paging. This is to help prevent issues where the grid roster contains thousands of students and a user is trying to pull in many data fields at a time that might prevent the page from loading successfully.