Using the templates:

Customize highlighted content in the attached text templates to fit your school and micro-scholarship program details.

RaiseMe Texting Best Practices

  • Let the student know who you are. Always identify yourself. The student may not have your number saved in their phone.

  • Personalize it. Use the student’s preferred name. The message should come across as personal because students are likely to ignore it if it sounds like a mass message.

  • Be direct and brief. Students do not want to read through an email in the form of a text. Remember to be conversational, but clear in your intent.

  • Provide a call to action. It should be clear and to the point i.e. click this link or send a response.

  • Use short links. Using short links will limit character count. Consider using  free tools such or 

  • Highlight micro-scholarships. When relevant, always refer back to micro-scholarships that you offer.

  • Consider timing. Don’t reference specific micro-scholarships to seniors after your earning deadline.