Release Notes

The final candidate release of StudentForms 3.0 is now available in sandbox.

StudentForms 3.0 Rollout Information

Originally StudentForms 3.0 was scheduled to be released in the production environment on Saturday, April 16th. Due to a delay with our third party accessibility vendor, we've decided to push the release back by two week. The final release will now take place on Saturday, April 30th.

Today's release in sandbox is the candidate release. This contains the core updates to the user interface (UI) along with minor updates and fixes. This will be the version that is pushed to production on April 30th.

Please note that this is a UI update only and does not change processes or how the product works. Your institution does not need to manage any new user permissions or settings - all of that stays the same.

The release to production will include an update to the URL to StudentForms. Currently the url is - this will now be updated to We do encourage you to update documentation and links as needed, but please note that we will have redirects pointing to the studentforms URL indefinitely, so this will continue to allow your students to access the site during the transition.

Notable Updates and Fixes for the Candidate Release:

  • Student type (Federal ISIR, Cal DREAM, Non-ISIR) indicator has been added to the file review page
  • ISIR pdf drop down has been added to the file review page (available for Verification, PJ Dependency Override, and PJ EFC appeals)
  • issues with previewing/reviewing multi-page document uploads has been resolved
  • issues with random errors when searching students has been resolved

Know Issues To Be Patched Before April 30th:

  • when bulk requesting a custom transaction in the UI, the Tracking Group field does not appear and blocks you from completing request
  • some web forms not showing student answer correctly when reviewing for e-signature

FreshDesk documentation will be updated at the time of the final release on April 30th.

How to Prepare for Final Release

With the final release candidate in sandbox, this is a great time to finalize preparation for April 30th. Here are some suggestions to be prepared:

  • test custom forms
  • update any training guides and documentation managed by your institution
  • send out any communications you wish to send to students

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.