The Bulk Auto-Match feature allows an institution to manually select and re-run auto-match in bulk. This is an alternative to going into each individual scholarship and re-running auto-match from the Candidates tab.

This feature is available to Admin and Scholarship Manager roles by navigating to Plan > Bulk Auto-Match.

Bulk Auto-Match

The Bulk Auto-Match screen contains a list of all direct award scholarships currently eligible to have the auto-match functionality re-ran. These scholarships must meet the following criteria:

  • the scholarship's Application Method = No Application - Direct Award
  • the scholarship's current status is Awarding
    • Please note that while a scholarship is running the auto-match function its status will temporarily be in either Pending Auto-Match or Processing Auto-Match and will not appear in this grid. Once the function is complete the scholarship will be back in Awarding status and will appear on the grid again.
  • the scholarship currently has at least one matching requirement

Besides the criteria above, the scholarships that will appear to an individual user depend on the Organizations and Departments that user and scholarship both belong to.

The grid contains the following fields, all sortable and can be filtered upon using the filter icon on the column header.

  • Scholarship
  • Organization
  • Department
  • Cycle
  • Award Year
  • Tags - this may contain multiple tags, separated by a semicolon
  • Last Run - this indicates the last time a scholarship was pushed through the auto-match process

At lease one scholarship must be selected in order to begin the bulk auto-match re-run.

  • use the checkboxes select the desired scholarships to re-run auto-match
  • click the Run Auto-Match button

All selected scholarships will automatically be pushed to the Pending Auto-Match. The auto-match function will naturally pick these up and process individually, similar to a cycle opening up. They will be removed from the grid as they are processed. Once the auto-match has been complete and the scholarships return to Awarding status, they will reappear on the grid.