Release Notes

This release contains the new Bulk Auto-Match tool, along with minor fixes.


  • [SU-1642] - Bulk Auto-Match
    • The new Bulk Auto-Match tool is now available to allow an institution to manually select and re-run auto-match in bulk. This is an alternative to going into each individual scholarship and re-running auto-match from the Candidates tab.


  • [SU-1646] - Local Date and Time Conversion Displaying Dates Off by a Day
    • The last release contained an enhancement to display converted UTC time to your local time using your internet browser to determine the time zone you are in. Unfortunately the conversion set most dates to display a day earlier than what they should be displaying. This fix ensures that dates are correctly stored in UTC and converted to display local time correctly.
  • [SU-1646] - Sort Issue for the Custom Column of Questions
    • Resolved an issue where users were unable to sort correctly when clicking on the Custom column on the Question Personalization page. While the column would display as if it were ascending/descending, the actual records within the grid were not following along. Now when clicking on the Custom column the records will sort in ascending/descending order as intended.
  • [SU-1646] - Thank You Profile Image Required Modal
    • Fixed an issue where the Upload button within the Profile Image Required modal was not working correctly. This modal appears when a student opens up a thank you template to complete that requires a profile image but has not yet uploaded a profile image. The Upload button was not correctly directing the student to their PlatformManagement profile page to upload a profile image. This button has been fixed and directs the student to their profile page as intended.