The Account tab on the student profile contains basic student identifiers, records of parents associated to the student account, and the ability to force re-registration to un-link ISIRs if needed.

Student Profile Account

The Account tab is the default tab opened when a user opens the student profile.


For all students, the Account tab contains basic student identifiers, including the Social Security Number (SSN), Date of Birth, Email, and Phone. By default the SSN and Date of Birth are masked for additional security.

  • click the Display (slashed eye) icon next to the SSN to display the full SSN number
    • you can click the Hide (eye) icon to mask the SSN again
  • click the Display (slashed eye) icon next to the date of birth to display the full date of birth
    • you can click the Hide (eye) icon to mask the date of birth again

For students who have not yet created an account, the Email and Phone may auto-populate information from the federal ISIR/Cal DREAM ISIR, or for non-ISIR students it can populate from the Verified Students import. At the time of account creation and onward, students have the ability to edit their information as needed and will be reflected under this tab.

Force Re-Registration

There are instances when a student needs to be un-linked from their current ISIRs. For Single Sign-On (SSO) institutions, if an ISIR record is already linked to a StudentForms user account and another username is used during the account registration for that same ISIR the student will receive an error with the code "1011". In some cases, there may be a valid reason to unlink accounts because a user name changed or an error was made during the original registration (e.g. using a shared computer where another user was already logged in). In these scenarios the account can be un-linked on the student account page using the following steps.  

For Direct Sign-On (DSO) institutions, there are instances when a student ISIR is imported with the incorrect Social Security Number (SSN) or Date of Birth (DOB), yet passes the Social Security Administration check during processing. Students may create an account with the incorrect data and later go back to have their FAFSA reprocessed with the correct SSN/DOB, generating a new set of ISIRs with the correct information.

In any of these scenarios the account can be un-linked using the Force Re-Registration button on the Account tab.

  • click the Force Re-Registration button
  • click the Confirm button within the confirmation modal

Parent Users

The Parent Users displays a list of all parents associated to the student. This section will only appear for students that have had at least one parent create an account. Parents may create an account once they have had a request to sign a web form that requires both the student and parent signature. For ISIR transactions (including Verification and PJ Family Contribution Appeal), only parents found on the student's ISIRs may create an account. For non-ISIR transactions, students can request parents not listed on the ISIR to sign documentation - this is to allow non-ISIR students to have parents e-sign forms, as well.

The Parent Users grid has a record for each parent with an account and includes each parent's first name, last name, email, the date they created their account, and a profile icon that navigates to the parent's PlatformManagement profile page.

In cases where a parent has been locked out of their account from too many failed login attempts, needs to have the institution manually reset their password, or needs to have the account deactivated/reactivated, users should click the Profile icon to access the PlatformManagement profile page where they can take the necessary actions.