The ISIRs tab on the student profile contains a list of all ISIRs linked to the student account that are available to view as a pdf along with the ISIR comparison tool. This tab can only be accessed by users with the Admin, School FAO, School FAO (Enhanced), or PJ User roles.

Review ISIRs

The ISIRs tab contains a list of all ISIRs associated to the student account. The Available ISIRs dropdown is a list of all of a student's ISIRs, primarily sorted by newest to oldest award year and secondary sorted by the ISIR transaction number. Selecting an ISIR will open a new tab with the ISIR pdf to view as if looking at a paper ISIR.

  • select an ISIR from the Available ISIRs drop down

Users can open multiple ISIR pdfs at a time to review and compare.

The ISIR comparison tool allows institutional users to compare multiple ISIR transactions to identify conflicting information across award years or to view the differences on a subsequent ISIR to determine if action is needed. Rather than viewing multiple pdfs, the comparison tool will list each ISIR field separately and allow up to four different ISIRs to be compared at once. The comparison tool can also filter down to just the ISIR fields that have discrepant information to assist in making the comparison easier for the user.

  • Select an ISIR in each column to include data from the selected ISIR into the comparison tool. The number in the parenthesis indicates the ISIR transaction. 

  • Click the + icon to add and additional column to select another ISIR to compare against. Up to four ISIR transactions can be compared at a time.

As soon as two ISIRs are selected for comparison, the tool will indicate which fields have a difference in values. An exclamation icon (!) will appear next to the ISIR field. If an ISIR section contains one of those discrepancies, it will also have exclamation icon (!).

  • click on the Only Display Discrepancies switch to view only the fields that have a discrepancy

This will have the grid update to only show sections that contain a discrepancy and only display the fields within that have a discrepancy to summarize the updates between ISIRs. Turning the switch off will revert back to displaying all sections and fields.

  • click on the right chevron > next to the section name to expand the section
  • click on the down chevron v next to the section name to collapse the section

The discrepancy flag will flag fields where at least one of the ISIR transactions has a different value (including blanks). When discrepant information is presented, this can lead to additional information requests, ISIR corrections or no action depending on the scenario and your institutional policy and procedure.