The Activity tab on the student profile provides a list of all user activity, communications, and logins associated to a student's account. This can be used to help troubleshoot determining which actions were already taken by the student, parent, and other institution users as well as viewing the communications sent out by the system.

Activity Tab

The activity grid is separated by three viewable categories, but users can also view all to see a general timeline of all of the actions that took place on the student's account.

User Activity

User Activity includes specific actions taken on the student's account by the student, parent, institutional users, and StudentForms (system). The range in actions like opening transactions, completing tasks, rejecting documents, and completing file reviews.


Communications includes enabled communications emails and SMS text messages that are sent to the student by the system. Specific user activities generally cause a communication to be sent out, but enabled reminders may send to the student occasionally based on their settings. A record will be generated for the message sent and a following one if it is delivered successfully. Email notifications can be viewed here.

  • click on the View (binoculars) icon to view an email communication


Logins includes records for each time the student has successfully logged into StudentForms. The tracked Internet Protocol (IP) address is included along with a timestamp.

At any time the user can also select the All category, which combines all three categories. This can be used to help troubleshoot specific scenarios such as determining actions that may have sent out specific communications or determine when the student logged in and took an action.