Release Notes

What's a major release without a few hiccups? Fortunately these bugs are now irradicated!


  • [SV-4534] - Document Preview/Review Modal Displaying Blank PDFs
    • Resolved an issue where specific pdfs loaded into StudentForms display a blank page when viewing the document. This issue occured for any pdf file that was specially formatted in a way not handled well in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (both Chromium browsers). Firefox was recommended as a workaround, but these pdfs should now be viewable in all supported browsers.
  • [SV-4530] - Multi-Line Comments Disabling Appeals Outcome Modal
    • Fixed an issue where entering a break in the outcome comments (by pressing the Enter key) would disabled the Approve/Deny/Rescind button when completing or rescinding an appeals transaction. The modal now correctly handles the breaks, keeps the Approve/Deny/Rescind buttons enabled, and correctly saves the comment.
  • [SV-4529] - Document Fails to Upload if Filename Contains Specific Characters
    • Resolved an issue where uploaded documents with filenames containing specific characters such as "=" (equals) or any Windows restricted characters such as "?" (question mark) would cause an error and not allow the upload to complete. These characters will no longer prevent a document file to be uploaded into StudentForms.
  • [SV-4535] - Web Form Signature Not Displaying Properly Upon Page Break
    • Fixed an issue where signatures reaching the edge of a page cut off. Depending on the location of the signature, the e-signatures may appear partially or fully cut off. This fix ensures that if the signature lines were to cross between pages that they will automatically be inserted on the next page and not be cut off.

If you do not see the changes occur upon login, please run a hard refresh (hit ctrl+F5) to clear your cache.