Release Notes

May the Fourth be with you! Jedi developers have come to repair the galaxy by eliminating bugs.


  • [SV-4538] - File Review Locking
    • The initial release of StudentForms 3.0 reimplemented a previous function of locking a transaction opened using the Get Next button and was displaying a message that the file was currently being worked on for up to 90 minutes. This has been eliminated and has moved back to the functionality before the release - the Get Next button will now remove a student from being pulled by the button for up to 20 min. The student transaction can still be accessed within the view all workflow page or through student search and will not display the message. Instead, if more than one user is trying to take action on a file the system will do a concurrency check to notify if multiple users are trying to take actions on the same student.
  • [SV-4540] - Verification Form Household Section Updates
    • Fixed and issue where the "Supported More Than 50%" column on the verification forms was not auto displaying a "Yes" value on the output for children/siblings or other dependents.
    • Fixed an issue where the household discrepancy warning on the file review page was appearing for student whose verification form was not required to complete the household section.
  • [SV-4537] - Registration Page Issue with Error 1010
    • Resolved an issue where students registering their ISIR upon login continuously encountered a 1010 error. This occurs if one of the key identifiers (first name, last name, date of birth, social security number) is not found as matching. The issue found was that even after fixing any of the fields, the system continued to present the error rather than seeing it match and register. Now if a student fixes an error after seeing the 1010 error they can register successfully.
  • [SV-4533] - Document No Longer Necessary Preventing File Review Completion
    • Fixed an issue where documents no longer required prevented the file review from being completed. For example, if the student marked an answer on a web form that generated a document upload and submitted the task, but after a rejection changed their answer to no longer require the document, the file review page was still looking for that document to be reuploaded. The file review page is correctly determining which documents are required to complete review, not just a check if all docs are found.