This article is a high-level overview to explain what it means to be integrated with CampusLogic, and how to setup CampusLogic products to capture events to send data to an institution-hosted server.


CampusLogic products come with a tool, built-in, called Platform Management to manage user accounts, roles, and other settings across all CampusLogic applications. This Platform Management tool allows CampusLogic products to be used as standalone applications.


However, there is another optional component called CL Connect which allows institutions to get more value out of CampusLogic products.


CL Connect is an IIS website which is hosted by the institution. This IIS website is a configuration tool for setting up automation for processes, and a secure way to get data between Platform Management for the CampusLogic products and the institution’s network/systems. 


NOTE: Instructions for setting up the secure communication between Platform Management and the IIS website, CL Connect, are in this article: Setup API Credentials in Platform Management


Sending Data: The automation that can be configured in CL Connect to securely send data to Platform Management includes but is not limited to: 

  • ISIR Files
  • SIS Data Files
  • Award Letter Files
  • Bulk Action Files
  • Document Imports


Receiving Data: To receive information back to CL Connect, it does require a public-facing DNS using the HTTPS protocol, an SSL Certificate, and Firewall Rules enabled on the server. Getting data back from Platform Management to CL Connect is accomplished by what is known as Event Notifications

Each CampusLogic product has events associated with them that can be triggered based on actions that are done within the product. These events can be subscribed to in Platform Management to capture the event data when they happen. How to subscribe to events will be shown below.

When the events are triggered, Platform Management sends the event notification to CL Connect. However, CL Connect still needs to be configured to be “listening” for the same events that are subscribed to, which will come later in this process linked at the end of this article. 


The CL Connect output solutions include:

  • Flat File (CSV or XML)
  • Stored Procedure (DSN connection to SIS database)
  • API (POST or PUT to a valid endpoint)
  • Document Files (PDF and image files)
  • Index Files (CSV or XML)

NOTE: These articles provide more details related to the events for the CampusLogic products:
            Event Notifications
            Event Notifications Guide

Integration Diagram:


Subscribing to Events: Below are the instructions for subscribing to the events in Platform Management.


1. Login to the CampusLogic product (StudentForms, ScholarshipUniverse, CampusCommunicator, etc.) as a gateway to Platform Management.


2. Click on the Profile Icon in the upper-right.


Graphical user interface, application

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3. Select Platform Management.


Graphical user interface, application, Teams

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4. Select Integration on the left bar and click on the Event Notifications tile.


Graphical user interface

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5. Select the product and toggle the wanted events to ON.


6. Click on the Save button.

INFO: In this example below I have selected StudentForms for the 403 Document "Accepted" Event.



After subscribing to events in Platform Management, the next steps will be to configure CL Connect to be “listening” for these events and setting up the desired outcome. 


Notice that each product's events all have the same output methods.


In some cases, CampusLogic does have generic examples of how other institutions have handled this. Please speak to a Customer Integration Manager to see if there are examples for the specific product.


CL Connect Configuration for Event Notifications: Click Here!


StudentForms Event Notifications:


ScholarshipUniverse Event Notifications:


CampusCommunicator Event Notifications:


VirtualAdvisor Event Notifications:

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