Release Notes

This release adds the Student ID back to the file review page, updates to permissions on the dashboard, and a slew of bug fixes.


  • [SV-4545] - Student ID Display on File Review Page
    • Back by popular demand, the student ID has been added back to the file review page. It now appears on the same line as the student's name, along with the student type.
  • [SV-4545] - Dashboard Permissions
    • The Transaction Activity insight found on the dashboard page will now include Other Documents as a transaction to view, allowing users to see the inflow of the transactions created. This data will allowed to be viewed by users with the Generic Transaction Admin or Generic Transaction Help Desk role, and no longer display as a blank page if users have only one or the other role.
    • Note: An upcoming release will allow individual users to determine if they would rather login to the Dashboard page or the Workflow page.


  • [SV-4561] - Drop Downs in Web Form Compatibility
    • Resolved an issue where web forms containing drop down items that were generated before the StudentForms 3.0 release on April 30th were not saving and displaying properly if completed after the release. This happens for web forms not already submitted and web forms that were rejected and re-opened by the institution. The drop down answers were stored in another format, causing the output to not display them correctly. If you come across a web form with drop downs and the form is not displaying these correctly, please reject the web form back to the student to resubmit once more and the new saved version should display these correctly.
  • [SV-4546] - Document Review Modal Updates
    • Fixed the following issues with the Document Review modal:
      • The document view window and data input column now have separate scrolls. If the document view is a long vertical document, it will now display a scroll bar for the window itself - the document input column will now float while scrolling the document.
      • Fixed the rotation to ensure the document does not bleed into the data input column
      • Fixed an issue where the document input fields would not trim beginning or trailing spaces. This caused an issue for Smart File review if a field (i.e. First Name) contained trailing spaces
  • [SV-4539] - Workflow Exports Not Adhering to Advanced Filters
    • Resolved an issue where the export feature on the workflow view all pages was not adhering to the advance filters placed on the grid. Instead, it was exporting the grid as if there are no filters, but only the same number of records as the advanced filtering shows. The export feature is now correctly pulling the filtered data displayed on the grid.
  • [SV-4543] - File Review Page Not Loading
    • Resolved an issue where the file review page was not loading properly if there appeared to be duplicate transaction records found for a student. 
  • [SV-4544] - Bulk Action Student ID Import Timeout
    • Fixed an issue where the Student ID import was timing out when a file was imported. This import is used to add students to the roster of a bulk request action by search of student IDs provided in the list. The import was not impacted when the list searched by SSN, only the Student ID search. This import has been fixed and should not time out any longer.
  • [SV-4558] - External Documents Not Displaying Correctly in Document Review
    • Resolved an issue where documents imported by an institution via CL Connect during the onboarding process were not displaying properly. When opening the document review modal, the image appeared blank.
  • [SV-4536] - Individual ISIR Correction Files Not Downloading
    • Fixed an issue where individual ISIR corrections files that could be downloaded on the student's file review page were not downloading. The link "Correction File" appears on the file review page above the Smart File review grid when the transaction is currently in Processing Corrections status and the original ISIR correction record has already been batched. The "Correction File" link is now correctly generating a single ISIR correction file for the student.
  • [SV-4555] - Registration Page Converting Date of Birth to UTC
    • Resolved an issue where the ISIR registration page was converting the inputted date of birth into UTC time. For a very small minority of students in certain time zones, this caused them to not match to their ISIR data and be given a 1010 error. The date of birth is no longer being stored in UTC time and should not prevent these students from registering to their ISIR.
  • [SV-4554] - Historical Reports Displaying Multiple Records for the Same Request
    • Fixed an issue where the Historical Reports tab would generate multiple records for the same requested report for users with more than one role. The Historical Reports tab should now correctly only generate one record per request, regardless of the number of roles a user has.