The Scholarships page allows donor users to browse their scholarships across all award years. Scholarships are categorized by their current status and can be viewed individually for more information.

Please note that these versions of the Scholarship pages detailed in this article are only available to donors if the Simplified Donor Portal is enabled. This can be managed by Admin users in Settings > Basic, by disabling the "Display Simplified Donor Portal" setting. When "Display Simplified Donor Portal" is disabled, the Scholarships page will contain a separate instance of each scholarship and be grouped by status. When viewing the scholarship, many of the details seen by students and staff will also be displayed. When "Display Simplified Donor Portal" is enabled, the Scholarships page will only show one instance of a scholarship and will only display in alphabetical order rather than being divided by statuses. When viewing the scholarship, all of the details are removed and only posted awards for the scholarship can be seen.

Browse Scholarships

Nearly all scholarships associated to a Donor will be available for the user to review. Any scholarship in Draft or Archived status are not available for viewing. Each scholarship will only be listed once, even if a scholarship has rolled over multiple years - the donor user will have the ability to view by each year when viewing the scholarship.

  • Users can click the View Scholarship button to view more information about the scholarship

Viewing a Scholarship

Donor users can view a scholarship's award data. An award record is displayed for every student who currently has a Posted award for the selected award year. 

If a scholarship has been rolled over and awarded more than once within the same award year, the page will aggregate all of the data for the same year. A user may see multiple records for the same student in cases where the student was awarded more than once in the same year.

The Awards grid contains a list of all students with posted awards, the award amount, and a thank you letters. The Thank You Letter column is conditional based on whether or not a scholarship requires a thank you letter or not. In cases where it is not required, the column will be hidden. It is possible for some students to have a thank you letter and others not. For instance, if a thank you letter was waived for completion by a school user, the student wouldn't have a thank you icon to click on. Otherwise, when clicking on the icon a modal will pop open to view the student's thank you letter.

Institutions have the ability to control how some of the data appears on the grid. The student's first and last name can be shared with the donors, or if the institution wants to be more discreet they can shave it down to just first name and last initial to not reveal too much about the students. The Amount Awarded column display can also be managed by the institution.

Admin users can manage the display of the grid in Settings > Basic Settings.

  • enable the Display Student Names switch to display the first and last name of students on the Awards grid
  • disable the Display Student Names switch to only display the first name and last initial of students on the Awards grid
  • enable the Display Award Amounts switch to display the Amount Awarded column on the Awards grid
  • disable the Display Award Amounts switch to hide the Amount Awarded column on the Awards grid