Release Notes

This release contains the simplified donor portal, updates to the Candidates tab, adding 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 to the award year setup, and some minor bug fixes.


  • [SU-1633] - Simplified Donor Portal
  • [SU-1635] - Simplified Donor Portal Scholarship Page
    • The simplified donor portal feature is now available for institutions to manage the amount of data reported in the donor portal. The simplified donor portal does not include a dashboard and rather than showing a breakdown of scholarships by statuses it only shows one instance of a scholarship which a donor can view the different award year data from within. Scholarship details such as cycle dates, matching criteria, and contact information are removed from the simplified version, only displaying a list of awarded students by award year. To learn more about this feature, please review the following pages:
  • [SU-1631] - Candidates Tab Display of Rejected and Recycled Candidates
    • The Candidates tab has been updated to always show the Reject and Recycle columns for applications where Application Method = Internal Application or Internal Application with Continuous Awarding. Previously these columns only appeared while a scholarship was in Open or Ready to Review status to allow users to reject candidates from appearing in review pools or be added to the Award View. Now when a scholarship moves past the Open/Ready to Review stage, the columns will continue to display but be deactivated from taking any action. These columns also now have the ability to sort and filter, making it easier to determine which students were manually rejected.
  • [SU-1634] - Enable 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 Award Years For Mapping
    • The 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 federal award years have been added to the Award Years setup to allow schools to begin setting up their award year dates for each year.


  • [SU-1242] - Prevent Students From Submitting Applications Without Selected Scholarship
    • Fixed an issue where application submission was allowed for students when no scholarships were currently selected to apply to. This led to the occasional application being submitted by a student that wasn't tied to any scholarship. Now when a student tries to submit an application the system will run a check to ensure they are currently applying to at least one scholarship and will not allow them to submit until they select a scholarship to apply to.
  • [SU-1602] - Inactive List Fields Appear for SIS Data Mapping
    • Resolved an issue where old list values no longer used still appeared in the SIS Field Mapping page when associating SIS data to a list type question. Now only the currently active values will appear for mapping.
  • [SU-1567] - SmartRanks and Custom Column Manager With Inactive Data Fields
    • Fixed an issue where SmartRanks and Custom Column Manager fields used on various pages would generate an error upon load due to a SIS Data Field being deactivated. The system would display an error due to trying to load data no longer active. Now, if a SmartRank contained a SIS field that is no longer mapped, that field is automatically removed - this does require the SmartRank to be edited in order to ensure it calculates to 100% weight. Custom columns that are using deactivated values will no load the page with the deactivated columns removed.