Release Notes

This release contains a group of bug fixes.


  • [SV-4571] - Mid-Year Onboarding Transaction Error
    • Resolved the issue where searching bystudents with a mid-year onboarded Verification transaction caused an error at the time of search. This was due to not having a transaction history. This has been resolved and these students should load as expected.
  • [SV-4575] - Web Form Checkmarks Not Rendering Correctly on Output
    • Fixed an issue where checkmarks representing a student's chosen answer for a multi-select question was not rendering properly on the output pdf, which appears as if the student didn't answer the question. Once submitted, these selections should now appear with the checkmark, as expected. If you run into a form that is missing a selection in this case, please reject the form to have the student resubmit - the next submission should render the form properly.
  • [SV-4531] - Update Web Form Logic
    • Resolved an issue where some web forms related to the verification web forms were taking on the same behavior as the verification web forms based on preferred settings. For example, the Parent Household and College Size would hide the household section if the ISIR met the criteria of not needing to complete the Household section on the Dependent Verification web form. Instead, these web forms will no longer take on behavior based on settings.
      • Dependent Tax Information will always show the Student Taxes section.
      • Independent Tax Information will always show the Student Taxes section.
      • Parent Tax Information will always show the Parent Taxes section.
      • Student Household and College Size will always show the independent student Household section.
      • Parent Household and College Size will always show the dependent student Household section.
      • Dependent Verification will always show the Student Taxes section if the Student IRS DRT = 06; this was hiding if the student had the Automatic Zero EFC indicator.
  • [SV-4562] - Transaction Status Aging Report Student ID
    • Fixed an issue where the Transaction Status Aging report was not correctly pulling student IDs as part of the output of the report.
  • [SV-4568] - Communication Merge Fields Using VerifyMyFAFSA
    • Resolved an issue where communication emails using the {{Client URL}} merge field was referencing the "" domain. It is now correctly referencing the "" domain.
  • [SV-4563] - Help Desk Users Having Right to Add Documents
    • Fixed an issue where the various Help Desk roles granted a user the ability to Add a document to a transaction within the file review page. The Add button is now correctly hidden from users only having one of these help desk roles: COA Help Desk, EFA Help Desk, Generic Transaction Help Desk, Help Desk.
  • [SV-4572] - Demographics Read Only Fields Not Updating
    • Resolved an issue where the read only demographics section on the Independent, Dependent, and Graduate Verification web forms would not update based on first name, last name, and/or phone number changes. Name changes typically only occur through Single Sign-On (SSO) claims at the time of login. Rather than always going off the information from the first time one of these forms was completed, the forms will now look for any changes and update appropriately.