Release Notes

This release contains a user preference switch to select a page to log into and a couple of minor bug fixes.


  • [SV-4547] - Account Preference - Login
    • Users now have the ability to manage if they want to either land on the Dashboard page or the Workflow page upon logging into StudentForms. In the settings modal on the Dashboard page, a new General tab has been added to manage account preferences. The switch "Login To Workflow" has been added. When disabled, the user will login to the Dashboard page. When enabled, the user will login to the Workflow page.



  • [SV-4577] - Bulk Request Failing for Same Track Group
    • Fixed an issue where bulk requesting an additional information document for an existing transaction was failing when finding the same award year and tracking group, when it should in fact see the match and correctly apply the request document to the transaction.
  • [SV-4564] - Bulk Action Results Export Only Exporting Grid Display
    • Resolved an issue where the bulk action Results grid was only exporting the records currently displayed in the grid, rather than exporting all results. For example, if an action had 15 records but the grid was set to display 10 at a time, the export was only pulling the 10 rather than all 15. The export is now correctly pulling all records.