Release Notes

This release contains updates to the document review grid (with the ability to open document review in separate tabs), an update to the Appeals icon, and a minor bug fix.


  • [SV-4569] - Document Review Grid Optimization
    • The document review grid on the transaction file review page has been optimized even further to accommodate users with smaller screens and/or lower resolutions. The Information column has been removed - in its place are the Reject and Discrepancies columns. The Reject icon will appear when a document is currently rejected and when opening the modal most users can edit the reason/comments or recall the rejection. Help Desk users will only see a view only version of the reason and comments. The Discrepancies icon will appear as normal, when multiple approved documents have discrepant data. The View column has also been shifted more to the left to reduce the chance of needing to scroll to the right to take action.
    • Please note: while the document name is not a link to open the document review modal, you can now right click to open in a new tab, if needed.

  • [SV-4597] - Update Appeals Gavel Icon
    • The gavel icon used to represent appeal type transactions has been updated to a pen and paper icon.


  • [SV-4596] - Needs Action Page Not Adhering to Professional Judgment Processing Order
    • Fixed an issue where the Needs Action page was incorrectly displaying action tiles for the Verification and/or PJ Family Contribution Appeal transactions while a PJ Dependency Override Appeal transaction was currently awaiting a subsequent ISIR. In normal circumstances the system waits until the subsequent ISIR with an Independent status to be loaded before unlocking the other two transactions. While the transaction cards on the Verification and Appeals pages were correctly locking the transactions, the Needs Actions page was displaying the tiles, allowing students to bypass the lock and work on the transactions. The Needs Actions page has been updated to ensure these tiles do not appear until the PJ Dependency Override transaction has been moved to Verified status.