Release Notes

This release contains the match explorer feature being added to the scholarship matching tab, along with a couple of minor fixes.


  • [SU-1616] - Add Match Explorer to the Scholarship Matching Tab
    • The Match Explorer feature has now been added to the scholarship Matching tab. When at least one group with a matching requirement has been added, users can click the Run Simulation button to run the match explorer feature from within the scholarship. The results will generate in a pop up modal with a complete list of students who currently match the requirements given. The results include the student's name, ID, and email address like it currently does in the Match Explorer, and can be exported, if needed.


  • [SU-1572] - Student Award Actions Report
    • Fixed a couple of issues found in the Student Award Actions report. One issue resolved was that the output file did not correctly filter out the requesting user's organization and department permissions, so users may have inadvertently been pulling data outside of their org/dept. The other issue resolved was that for scholarships that had more than one donor, the student record was showing the amount awarded multiplied by the number of donors associated to the scholarship.
  • [SU-1674] - Event Notification Timeout
    • Fixed an issue where event notifications could possibly timeout when a large volume of events were trying to processed at once. The timeout has been extended to allow events to be sent.