Release Notes

This release contains school access to the donor portal, scholarship URL and QR Code generation for scholarship promotion, and a handful of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1641] - Donor Portal View for Institutional Users
  • [SU-1622] - Scholarship URL and QR Code Generator
    • A new feature has been added for open scholarships to generate a QR code and/or short URL that can be sent to students in order to promote a scholarship. When used, a student will navigate directly to the scholarship view page. The link icon will appear on the Scholarships page for Open scholarships.


  • [SU-1670] - Incomplete Application Report Dates
    • Fixed two issues found with the Incomplete Application Report:
      • Fixed the issue in the request modal where the Cycle drop down would not find any cycle where the deadline was the current day
      • Fixed the issue where incomplete applications over 90 days older were not properly being added to the output report
  • [SU-1545] - Student ID Disappears When Opening Award Applicant Modal on Search Awards Page
    • Resolved an issue where the student ID became hidden when opening a student's Award Applicant modal on the Search Awards page. The ID would hide within the modal itself and upon closing would then hide the ID in the Search Awards grid. The ID will now display correctly in both the modal and grid.
  • [SU-1676] - UTC Date Conversion Issues
    • Fixed a couple of places where the UTC time conversion was not being stored/displayed properly:
      • On the student side, when searching a scholarship the Apply Between dates were showing one day ahead of the actual cycle start and end date
      • On the school side, when adding a date type scholarship matching question (i.e. "When is your date of birth?"), the requirement's value was display as one day ahead of what was selected
  • [SU-1658] - Promoted Awards Not Updating Status When New Term Has Been Added
    • Resolved an issue where candidates promoted to receive an award were not having their award status updated correctly at the time of the award due to an additional term being added to the scholarship. This only occurred for a very specific set of steps - if a student was promoted to receive an award, but an additional term was added to the scholarship before the student actually was given an award amount for just that term, then the award status would not update, leaving it stuck in promoted. Awarding under these circumstances will now update the status as expected at the time of awarding.
  • [SU-1684] - Character Limit Not Enforced When Student Declines Award
    • Fixed an issue where the student's decline award comment was allowing reasons longer than 250 characters to be typed in, which would cause the award to not properly be decline. The decline award modal now displays a character count and enforces a limit of 250 characters.