StudentAdvisor allows push notifications to be sent to any user who enables them within the product. This allows notifications to be received via Windows even while the user is logged in but away from StudentAdvisor, for example in a different tab. In order for users to begin subscribing to the push notifications it must be enabled by an Admin user in PlatformManagement.

Admin users can manage push notifications in PlatformManagement > Settings > Platform Communications, under the StudentAdvisor tab.

Managing Push Notification

Institutions can enable specific push notifications as well as manage the verbiage used in each notification.

To begin enabling Push Notifications, an Admin user will need to enable them in general under the Communication Settings section.

  •  click the Enable Push Notifications switch
  • click the Save button to ensure the update is saved

Once enabled, a new section called Advisor Notification Settings will appear further down the page. The following types of push notifications can be enabled and edited:

  • New Chat Request: as a student is added to the Awaiting Advisor queue, a push notification will be sent to any advisor currently flagged as available for live chat and has push notifications enabled
  • Student Transferred: as a student is transferred from one advisor to another, the receiving advisor will receive a push notification, if enabled
  • New Message Received: as a student sends a message to an advisor in a live conversation under My Conversations, the receiving advisor will receive a push notification, if enabled

Institutions can manage which types of push notifications to be enabled and can edit the verbiage used, similar to editing email and SMS communications.

  • click the push notification switch to enable or disable a specific notification type
  • click the edit (pencil) button to edit a notification's verbiage.

Institutions can update the default notification title and body.

  • edit a notification as desired
  • click the Save button to commit the update

Example of Notification