Release Notes

This release contains updates to the Match Not Applied report along with a fix for approved thank you letters.


  • [SU-1685] - Match Not Applied Report - Include Partial Matches
    • The Match Not Applied report now allows users to run a report to find students who partially match to a scholarship in addition to or separate from matched students. Students who partially match have some answers that qualify for a scholarship, but not all requirements have been answered yet, so they have the potential to match and apply to a scholarship. Students who already match and have already begun the application process will not appear on the report. This report will only pull students who have an account and will not pull students who are verified students but do not yet have an account.


  • [SU-1689] - Approved Thank You Templates Unable to Print If Template Has Had Changes
    • Fixed an issue where approved thank you letters were not allowed to be printed if the thank you template has had additional updates made to it after a student's thank you letter has been approved. This was due to some logic on the screen seeing incomplete field (the additional fields after the approval) and caused the Print button to be disabled. Approved thank you letters are now able to be printed regardless of changes made to the template.