The purpose of the Soft Launch is to promote the SponsoredScholar solution to a targeted list of students to create our first round of success stories, feedback, and validate the solution prior to a broader Public Launch of the solution across campus.


  • Private Launch Completed


  • Project Sponsor
  • Marketing Lead


Use Case

During the Soft Launch, our goal is to target students who have an existing bill that will prevent them from registering for classes or are at risk of dropping out. 


We encourage schools to send the three-part email sequence 4-8 weeks before the class registration deadline. This will provide a sense of urgency for students who have bills preventing them from registering, while also giving them enough time to crowdfund their bill.

Targeted List of Students

The Soft Launch should target ~500 students who meet the following criteria:

  • Bill Amount: between $100 - $2,000
  • Year in School: All years (e.g., Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
  • Pell: high Pell eligibility

If these criteria yield a list greater than 500 students, we recommend selecting students who have a bill above your school's threshold for being eligible to register for classes, if applicable.

Marketing Channel: Email Sequence

Schools can download a copy of our three-part email sequence using the link below.