Release Notes

This release contains an outreach campaign builder for scholarship along with the ability to create external reviewer users.


  • [SU-1621] - Scholarship Match Explorer - Outreach Campaign Builder
    • Once at least one match group with a requirement has been added to a scholarship, users have the ability to run a match simulation to see how many students currently match to the scholarship. To go even further, users can now send out personalized outreach messages for scholarships that will be sent to students who match and have not applied to the scholarship yet to help drive application volume.

  • From the scholarship matching Simulation Results, users can send an outreach message to the results of the match list, as long as the scholarship meets the following requirements:
    • must be an application scholarship (where Application Method = Internal Application or Internal Application with Continuous Awarding)
    • scholarship must be in Open status
    • results must be <= 1000 students (if more than 1000 students, this feature is not available)
  • The Send Outreach modal will contain a count of the number of students that match to the scholarship. Users can enter a unique subject and message to be sent out, with specific merge fields that can be added to the body. Once the communication has been sent, ScholarshipUniverse will only send out the communication to matching students who have not already submitted an application for the scholarship. Students who have already applied will be ignored since they do not need to be reminded to apply. Students will be bcc'ed on the communication and the user sending the communication will receive a copy in their email.

  • Please note: For communications using the merge field's {{Student First Name}} and {{Student Last Name}}, the user's copy will display the merge fields like that, but student's will correctly have their names inserted in the fields.
  • [SU-1310] - External Reviewers
    • Historically institutions have had to create employee users for any reviewer that needed access to ScholarshipUniverse. Institutions now have the ability to invite external reviewers into ScholarshipUniverse to have access to review applications as part of a review committee or individually. These users have the exact same access as the general Reviewer role - they can access review applications and score them as determine by the review pool. They can be added to review committees and can assigned individually to a review pool. The Manage External Reviewers page allows institutions to manage these external reviewers. Once the invite has been confirmed, the user will receive an email to invite them to create an account. Once the account has been created, institutions can utilize the user just as they can with employee reviewers.