Institutions have the ability to invite external reviewers into ScholarshipUniverse to have access to review applications as part of a review committee or individually. This allows institutions to grant access without having to setup the user as an additional "employee" for the school. For Direct Sign-On (DSO) institutions, the alternative is to create an employee record in PlatformManagement with the Reviewer role. For Single Sign-On (SSO) institutions, the alternative is to create the employee record and set them up with SSO credentials.

Admin and Review Managers can manage external reviewers by navigating to Review > External Reviewers.

Managing External Reviewers

Institutions can invite and manage external reviewers to gain access to ScholarshipUniverse without creating additional employee roles. The users have the exact same access as the general Reviewer role - they can access review applications and score them as determine by the review pool. They can be added to review committees and can assigned individually to a review pool.

The Manage External Reviewers page contains a list of external users. Certain actions can take place based on whether or not the user has an account or is still pending.

Inviting a User

An invite requires the user's first name, last name, and email. Once the invite has been confirmed, the user will receive an email to invite them to create an account. Once the account has been created, institutions can utilize the user just as they can with employee reviewers.

  • click the Invite+ button to begin inviting an external user

  • enter the user's first name, last name, and valid email address
    • please note that emails must be unique - different users cannot use the same email
  • click the Save button to send the invite

While the invitation is still pending, an institution can take actions as needed.

  • click the Edit (pencil icon) to make adjustments to the user's information
  • click the Resend (recycle icon)to resend the invitation
    • if a user's email has changed or was submitted incorrectly, an institutional user can edit the email address and then click resend to have the invitation go to the correct address 

Managing User Accounts

Once the external reviewer has created their account, they can have their access managed like all other student and employee users.

  • click the user's hyperlink name to navigate to their PlatformManagement profile page

If an external user needs to have their access revoked, institutional users can navigate to the reviewer's profile page and Deactivate their account.