Release Notes

This release contains additional OCR functionality, many updates to the file review page, additional accessibility enhancements, along with a fix for new aid year reminders and document review.


  • [SV-4600] - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Support for W-2 Forms
    • The StudentForms OCR functionality has been updated to support reviewing W-2 forms for any of the global W-2 document types. Depending on who the W-2 is for (Parent 1, Student, Spouse, etc), OCR can capture the first name/initial, last name, social security number, income earned from work, and calculate the tax-deferred pensions/savings.
  • [SV-4582] - Display Account Status on File Review Page
    • Student's account status now appears on the file review page for any transaction type. Between the student's name (which serves as a link to the student profile) and the transaction information is a standard line that contains the Student ID, Student Type (Federal ISIR, DREAM Applicant, or Non-ISIR Student), and the Account Status. "Account Created" will appear for students who have an account and "No Account" for those who do not.

  • [SV-4631] - Relocate Disregard Transaction Button
    • The "Disregard Transaction" button when viewing full file review has been relocated from just below the sectional drop down to being right aligned with it. This relocation helps reduce the change of a user accidentally clicking the button, which updates the transaction to an Ignored status. This button only appears for Verification transactions that are open without any student tasks to complete.

  • [SV-4607] - Full File Review Previous/Next Buttons
    • The Previous and Next buttons have returned to the full file review section. Full file review is broken up by the five major sections of ISIR fields that can be corrected by institutional users. A drop down above the full file review grid allows users to jump to any section they want. The Previous and Next buttons appear between the full file review grid and transaction action buttons so that users do not have to scroll back up to use the sectional drop down.

  • [SV-4581] - Allow Reason for Request Comments to Be Edited
    • The Reason for Request comment that is required when requesting an appeal transaction (such as a SAP Appeal) or when requesting Other Documents can now be edited after submission. These comments appear within the generated task for the transaction/document. By clicking the edit icon, users can open and edit the comment as needed.

  • [SV-4639] - Accessibility Updates for Web Forms
    • Added additional logic to web forms to have a better screen reader experience, such as not immediately reading off validation for input fields and having the question read when tabbing into a field.


  • [SV-4665] - New Aid Year Reminder Communication Sends for Incorrect Comment Codes
    • Resolved an issue where the New Aid Year Reminder was sending notifications for some non-student actionable comment codes. The New Aid Year Reminder will now only send out for students with student actionable comment codes. Additional functionality was added during the last release.
      • For institutions continuing the verification process, the Basic Settings switch "Verification" should be turned on; for institutions opting out of verification, this switch can be left off
      • For institutions continuing validating selective service issues, the Basic Settings switch "Selective Service" should be turned on; for institutions opting out of validating selective service issues, this switch can be left off
      • For institutions continuing validating drug eligibility issues, the Basic Settings switch "Drug Eligibility" should be turned on; for institutions opting out of validating drug eligibility issues, this switch can be left off 
  • [SV-4633] - Document Review Modal Pulling Name Extending Past ISIR Character Count
    • Fixed an issue where fields such as Student's First Name and Student's Last Name were improperly pulling in more characters into the input fields that ISIRs allow, which is a max of 12 and 16 characters, respectively. This caused users to not be able to complete the document review until they manually removed enough characters that the ISIR field character limit was met. Document review will now correctly only pull in the max amount of characters per field.