Release Notes

This release contains an update to allow continuous awarding scholarships to be reopened, better display of long application answers, and a handful of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1492] - Allow Internal Application With Continuous Awarding Scholarships to Reopen
    • Institutions can now pull back Internal Application With Continuous Awarding scholarships from the Awarding status back into Open status by reopening the associated cycle. This works similar to Internal Application scholarships being able move back from Ready to Review to Open. Once an Internal Application With Continuous Awarding scholarship has moved past Awarding status to Completed/Archive, reopening the cycle will not affect it.
  • [SU-1524] - Application Review: Better Viewing of Long Text Answers
    • Add a new feature that will only intially display the first 700 characters of any text type question given on an application. If the answer is longer than that, a new "View Entire Answer" link will appear that will open a fully page modal to view the answer. This is meant prevent users from having to scroll down far on the page for long answers.


  • [SU-1611] - Application Submission Email Communication Merge Field Population
    • Fixed an issue where the {{Student Last Name}} and {{Award Year}} merge fields were not correctly populating the student and scholarship data when sending via email communication. The merge fields were appearing as the merge field labels rather than the correct data. This is now resolved and correctly showing the student's last name and scholarship award year.
  • [SU-1551] - Error When Trying to Award an Inactive Student
    • Resolved an issue where a non-descript error was being given when trying to nominate an inactive student. Instead, the nomination modal will now indicate if a student is inactive and disable the ability to nominate.

  • [SU-1701] - Award Details Report Not Filtering Correctly by Award Year
    • Fixed an issue where the Award Details request modal was not properly filtering out scholarships by the selected award year.
  • [SU-1534] - Students Able to Apply to Scholarships That Have Hit Max Applicants
    • Resolved an issue where students could submit an application for a scholarship that has already hit its maximum allowed applicants. On both the student scholarships page and scholarship search page, if a scholarship is currently at max applications, then a label will appear rather than the Apply button.