Release Notes

This release contains the ability to copy applications, way cooler grid management, student dashboard updates, and a handful of minor fixes.


  • [SU-1666] - Copy Applications
    • Institutions now have the ability to create copies of existing applications. The copy feature will direct a user to the edit application page, pulling in all data, sections, and section items from the existing application selected. Application name is required before the copied application can be saved, as it must use a unique name. Historically, institutions that built a general application whose organizations and departments wish to utilize a similar application were forced to rebuild applications by scratch. This function now allows unique copies to be created that orgs/depts can tweak, as desired.

  • [SU-1566] - Grid View Updates
    • The grids found on the scholarship Candidates tab, scholarship Awards tab, and Award View page have the unique ability to add additional columns to them based on the user's preference, whether it's through SmartRanks or from the custom column manager provided on each grid. Historically these grids have all been confined to a user's browser width, so as more columns are added the columns are condensed to stay within the browser width - simply put, everything gets squished. These grids have now been greatly enhanced to no longer force the columns to stay within the width of the browser, but instead will now allow users to horizontally scroll, as needed. This allows columns to maintain a steady width naturally. Users do have the ability to resize columns now, as well. Columns added via SmartRank or column manager are now located to the right of the different grids' actions (i.e. View Application, Promote, Award, etc) to not force users to scroll to the right every time they want to take an action, but the Student ID and Name columns are always fixed to the left to allow users to keep track of whose data is being viewed while scrolling.

The image above shows an example of a user scrolling horizontally (indicated by the blue box) while 

the Student ID and Name stay fixed on the left (indicated by the black box).

  • [SU-1160] - Student Dashboard Updates
    • The student dashboard has several minor modifications to assist in driving up application volume by emphasizing more call to actions to have the student complete unanswered matching questions and direct links to the match scholarship list, partial match scholarship list, and outstanding applications that have been started but not yet submitted. The Actions Required section has been simplified to no longer try to filter by specific date ranges, but rather showing all actions required at once. These actions now have a prioritized sort by urgency of action, displaying any rejected letters of recommendation first, then any award acceptance actions needed.


  • [SU-1713] - ScholarshipUniverse Cleanup Items
    • Resolved some minor issues occurring from some of the more recent releases. These include:
      • Fixed the permissions to the Run Simulation and Outreach Campaign Builder on the scholarship Candidates tab to only be available to Admin and ScholarshipManager users
      • Fixed an issue where the outreach communication was recorded as being created by the student in the student profile activity tab; this has been corrected to show as created by the institutional user who sent the communication
      • Fixed an issue where Review Managers did not have the permission to view any external reviewer user's PlatformManagement profile; Review Managers have been granted this permission