Release Notes

This release contains upgrades to the File Imports page along with a fix to the Verified Students Data import.


  • [PM-569] - File Imports Page Upgrades
    • In order to improve performance on the File Imports page, the imports grid has been converted to server-side loading. As an institution loads daily files and the total record count goes into the thousands, the page becomes increasingly longer to load. With this update the grid is only pulling the first records found (default to the 10 most recent files uploaded) to speed up the load of the page and will run a separate call to reload as any filters/sorting is applied.


  • [PM-577] - Verified Students Data Import Removing Email/Phone
    • Fixed an issue where the Verified Students Data import would remove any email or phone information from a student account if the import does not contain the "EmailAddress" or "MobilePhone" columns, respectively. This issue also occurred if the columns were found but contained null/blank values. For any student account already created, this import will no longer make any updates to the student account. This import will continue to allow institutions to edit the verified student record information for any student who has not already created an account. It will also allow institutions to continue to disable verified student records, in cases where they may not want the student to be included in activities, such as ScholarshipUniverse auto-matching.