Release Notes

Happy New FAFSA Year! This release includes the official launch of the 2023-2024 award year.

2023-2024 Award Year

The 2023-2024 award year is currently available in sandbox environments for testing. It will become available in production environments on October 1 with the closing of the 2021-2022 year.

Much of the content from 2022-2023 has been rolled over into the new award year. Year specific web forms and upload documents (such as the 2021 tax documentation) have been added for the new year, but no significant changes have been made around Verification and Conditional Code tasks.

Please note that as of now the federal guidance has stated that Verification is required for the 2023-2024 award year, while still optional for the 2022-2023 award year. 2023-2024 verification tasks will generate for students, as expected.

  • A new ISIR field "Incarcerated Applicant Flag" has appeared to indicate whether or not a student is currently incarcerated. While they are waived from the completing the Verification form, they will continue to be required to submit the Statement of Education Purpose if selected for V4/V5 verification.

Don't forget to prepare for the new award year!


  • [SV-4688] - Expire Transactions By Tracking Groups
    • Institutions may now specify tracking groups they wish to expire. Previously when expiring transactions there was no mechanism to identify which tracking to expire. This meant that via the import process if a student had more than one open tracking group for a transaction (i.e. SAP), all of those SAP transactions for the student would be expired. Or when bulk expiring via the Expire by Award Year option within StudentForms, not allowing a user to select a tracking group forced them to expire all tracking groups for the transaction selected.
    • All transaction types (except Verification) will now allow users to select a specific tracking group to expire, in order to easily expire a cohort of students. The import also now includes the optional fifth column to specify the tracking group, as well.
  • [SV-4640] - OCR Support for Signed Federal IRS Form 1040 Documents

Please note that we are finalizing some last minute improvements 

but should be ready for the Oct. 1 start.

  • [SV-4681] - Student Action Pages
    • The student side interface has been updated to simplify the separation of items that need to be done and those that have been completed. Rather than displaying an outstanding actions page and then separating all of the transactions into the various hub pages (Verification, Appeals, Other Docs), students' transactions are now separated into two categories: transactions that are outstanding and transactions that have been completed. The Needs Action page functions as it has previously - it displays any open transaction needing student action (any transaction in Collecting Documents or ReCollecting Documents). The Completed Actions page has now replaced the three hub pages as a centralized place to review completed transactions.