Release Notes

The release contains a new My Documents page for students and a couple of fixes.


  • [SV-4594] - My Documents for Students
    • The student side now has a page dedicated to viewing all submitted documentation in one location. The My Documents page will display a list of all current version of documents that are submitted, along with the workflow the last version was submitted for, when, and the status. They have the ability to view the document and download a copy of it, as well. This includes the latest version of the document type and does not display a historical list of documents replaced (i.e. if a document was rejected and re-submitted, the re-submitted version will display to the student). This is also open to display for all award years, so students can also see the documentation they have provided in the past.
      • For reference, the following document statuses are displayed to the students as such:
Document StatusHow Student Sees It
Submitted, Not ReviewedSubmitted


  • [SV-4786] - Update Settings for the 2023-2024 Award Year
    • Under the Document Settings page, added a new setting "Allow Student to Upload for 2023-2024" to allow institutions to decide if a student can upload the Statement of Educational Purpose for the 2023-2024 award year. If enabled, the task will allow students to upload the document. If disabled, students will need to provide it in person or have it notarized and sent to the institution. This does not take effect retroactively - changing the setting only affects new tasks generated after.
  • [SV-4510] - Force Email Domain Restriction for Two-Step Authentication
    • Resolved an issue where the Two-Step Authentication page allowed users to input an email address that did not meet the qualifications of the email domain based on the institution's settings. This allowed students to add an email and bypass the email domain restrictions. This has been resolved and will only allow emails to be entered if they meet the domains, if given.