Release Notes

This release contains updates to the Award Year Dates settings, adding a new valid photo ID document for the citizenship Affidavit web form, and a minor fix.


  • [SV-4793] - Award Year Dates
    • The Award Year Dates page has been updated to be referred as Workflow Dates. A new update now allows institutions to configure the operational and visibility dates outside of the default dates set by CampusLogic. (i.e. for 2022-2023, the operational dates could not go outside of 10/01/2021 to 9/30/2023). This does not apply for the Verification, Dependency Appeal, or Family Contribution workflows - those all must stay contained within the default dates as those are the only times an ISIR correction can be processed.
  • [SV-4756] - Add State Identification Card to Affidavit
    • A new document type called Student's State Identification Card has been added to the citizenship Affidavit web form. This now appears as a type of valid photo ID that can be selected in the web form and doing so will trigger the student to upload a copy of their state identification card.


  • [SV-4802] - Lifetime Documents with Removed ISIRs for 2023-2024 Causing Error
    • Resolved an issue where lifetime documents using the associated ISIR field "Are you male or female?" cause an error when opening the 2023-2024 transaction containing the document. This occurs when a lifetime document submitted for a prior year has already had the gender selected as part of the document review process and being carried over to the 2023-2024 year. Because this ISIR field no longer exists for 2023-2024, an error was occurring at the time of loading the page. This error will no longer occur.