RaiseMe has big news to share. We are excited to release an innovative dashboard experience for customers.

This feature includes the introduction of our “Top High Schools” chart. It empowers partner institutions to discover new markets and connect with great students. You can now easily see which high schools yield the highest following so you can quickly and strategically engage with counselors from those high schools to promote your institution and generate more applications.  

We’ll host a webinar on December 7 at 1pm EST, and we would love for you to join us. 

You can register for the webinar here. 

The dashboard includes both high school and transfers data with seven new high-impact features:

  • Overview: Showcase a snapshot of the program. Focus in on Join Page sign-ups, as these are key to top-of-funnel engagement (which, with great engagement, converts into applications). 
  • Top high schools/colleges: This high-impact chart empowers you to see your best-performing high schools (and colleges on Transfers). We anticipate you’ll find new, previously untapped markets . We recommend downloading this list, matching it against your current outreach and discovering where you have high engagement and low contact.  
  • Top states: This chart is great to unlock a high-level overview of highest-performing states on RaiseMe. We recommend downloading this list to see which states you have engagement from (and potentially find new states to look at for engagement.)   
  • Self-reported application status: In RaiseMe, highly engaged students will take action to indicate they plan to apply to your school. We recommend downloading this list and matching it against applicants to measure last-minute application interest.
  • Join page sign-ups: Whether you’re performing better or worse than your peers, we highly recommend integrating the join page into any existing marketing strategy, particularly for non-responsive students. Promoting your join page can be done via a creative email, text or social to build awareness and drive action.
  • Students earning micro-scholarships by year/term year: RaiseMe is designed to help you in the short- and long-term. This chart helps measure the health of your pipeline years into the future. RaiseMe creates a great, low-effort engagement with students earlier in their journey. We recommend viewing this and thinking about strategically growing and engaging your early following. 
  • Academic interest: Do you have custom communications flows, by program? If so, this is a great opportunity to focus your efforts and meet RaiseMe students at their point of interest. This chart gives you a better, more holistic sense of those points.

We have also updated our invite system to make it easier to invite students to RaiseMe. If you click the “Invite students and educators” button, you can easily upload a list of students and educators and send them a personal invitation to your join page. In the future, we’ll customize these messages. Our primary goal is to provide the right tools and features that drive success now and into the future.

There are several upcoming innovations that will be rolled out soon. The entire RaiseMe team is committed to helping every partner institution achieve your strategic initiatives with innovative scholarship campaigns.

Please message your CSM with questions. We are here to support you!