Release Notes

This release contains the ability to customize the Workflow page. Admins may create new workflow tiles. All users may control the visibility of tiles.


  • Workflow Management

  • School Admins have the ability to add additional tiles to the Workflow page. As tiles are added, any user with the correct permissions will have access to the tile. There are two types of workflows:
    • Workflow based tiles: also known as transaction review tiles, these tile target when an entire workflow transaction has been submitted by the student (i.e. Verification, SAP Appeal, etc). These records will direct users to the file review page.
    • Document based tiles: these tiles target individual documents that have been submitted, regardless of entire transaction being submitted (i.e. Verification Web Form, Student's Driver's License, etc). These records will open the document review modal to allow users to view, input data, and either approve, reject, or pend a document.
  • Like the default global tiles, users may share these custom tiles but users may only see records related to their role. For example, a custom workflow tile for SAP and a custom workflow may be created, but a user with only the SAP User role will only have visibility into the SAP Appeal records within. The custom workflow records would not been seen by the user.
  • All users have the ability to manage the visibility of the tiles they have permissions to on the page. This allows institutions to create specialized tiles and give the individual user the ability to hide any tiles, as needed.
  • Other updates to the page:
    • The Appeal Review tile has been separated into two separate tiles:
      • Global Appeal Review: a workflow based tile targeting the global workflows submitted by students, including the SAP Appeal, PJ Dependency Override Appeal, PJ Family Contribution Appeal, Cost of Attendance Appeal, and Emergency Aid Fund
        • Seen by users with the School Admin, School Admin (Limited), School FAO, School FAO (Limited), Document Reviewer, COA Help Desk, School COA User, EFA Help Desk, School EFA User, SAP User, PJ User, and Help Desk roles 
      • Custom Appeal Review: a workflow based tile targeting any institutional custom workflow submitted by students
        • Seen by users with the School Admin, School Admin (Limited), School Custom Transaction User
    • The Document Retrieval tile has been removed. Admin users can now access it from the Bulk Actions page.
  • Read more details here!


  • [SV-4826] - Identity Verification Results - V4/V5 Not Pulling in Option 5 For Students with Any Transaction Open
    • The Identity Verification Results - V4/V5 report has specific logic around outcome 5 "No response from applicant or unable to locate" that looks for any student who has verification tracking group V4 or V5 and has not yet created an account or have a Verification workflow open. Fixed an issue where the report was not pulling outcome 5 students correctly if any open workflow was found, meaning if another workflow like the SAP Appeal was found then the student would not be included in the report. The report has now been updated to correctly only determine if the student has not created an account and has not had the Verification workflow opened.