Release Notes

This release includes updates to the logic for the Document Review lock, along with a handful of fixes. 


  • [SV-4834] - Document Review Lock Updates
    • The Document Review modal has now been updated to lock a document by the user reviewing it up to 20 minutes. If the reviewing user closes the modal, or the timer has expired, the document will now become unlocked to prevent users from locking a document for an extended period of time (i.e. the user left for the day). In cases where more than one user is viewing a document that is unlocked, the user who saves changes first will have the changes saved while any other user will receive a notification that the document has been saved and must reopen the document to view changes.
      • This scenario may occur if User A opens the document and locks it, but does not close the modal within the 20 minute timer. If User B is now able to open and make changes, User A will receive the notification once they return to the screen where the Document Review modal was kept open.


  • [SV-4629] - Default PDF Save File Type
    • Resolve an issue where using the native PDF browser when viewing documents was not properly defaulting the file type to PDF. It was previously defaulting to a generic file type, forcing users to add ".pdf" to the file name to correctly convert it. This is no longer necessary as the default file type is now correctly pointing to PDF format. 
  • [SV-4880] - Review Document View All Page Not Filtering Document Type Correctly
    • Fixed an issue where the Document Type drop down in the review document view all pages (i.e. Verification Document Review, Other Documents Review, etc) was not properly filtering by institution, causing users to see custom document types from other institutions. This did not actually cause documents to be shared across institutions - this only affected the filter itself. The Document Type filter is correctly filtering by institution again. 
  • [SV-4840] - DOB ISIR Corrections Fix
    • Resolved an issue where institutions submitting a Student Date of Birth ISIR correction was not properly updating the student record when the subsequent ISIR comes in. This issue only occurs when the student successfully registers in StudentForms using an incorrect date of birth that passed the Social Security Administration (SSA) check.