Release Notes

This release contains the ability to copy SmartRanks and an Organization and Department filter for the dashboard.


  • [SU-1773] - Ability to Copy SmartRanks
    • Institutions now have the ability to copy existing SmartRanks to create new ones for modification. By clicking the Copy (paper copy) icon on the SmartRank grid, the Add SmartRank modal will open with the selected SmartRanks information. From there any edits desired can be made. Please note that each SmartRank must have a unique name - SmartRanks cannot share the same name.
  • [SU-1771] - Organization and Department Filter on Dashboard
    • The dashboard now contains an Organization and Department filter to allow users assigned to multiple orgs/depts to filter the tile and insight data down to the specific org/dept selected. Please note that when clicking on an action tile and navigating to a new page, this does not filter the results of the page by the org/dept selected in the dashboard.
  • [SU-1745] - Add Match Status to the Award Details Report
    • The Award Details report now included a column called Match Status to indicate whether a student currently matches to the scholarship they have been awarded or not. If the student matches to the scholarship, it will be indicated as "Match". If the student does not match to the scholarship, or is currently a partial match, it will be indicated as "Not Match".


  • [SU-1766] - Scholarship Matching Requirements - Add Between Operator For Numeric/Integer Values
    • Fixed an issue where the Scholarship Matching Requirements import was not correctly supporting the ability to import values using the Between operator for any numeric/integer type questions. To be consistent with the interface which allows users to use the Between operator for these type questions, the import now supports this as well. Using the "Between" operator, users can enter the range of values with a "to" between the values (i.e. "1 to 10").