Release Notes

This release contains accessibility updates for reading incoming chat messages, allows global content videos to be managed, and a new Available Advisor tab to monitor active advisors.


  • [SA-609] - Alert When New Responses Are Given In Chat
    • A new alert feature has been added to the chat component to allow screen readers to identify and read new messages given during a chat. As a student enters a question/response into the chat, a screen reader can now read the message provided by the student. It will also allow screen readers to automatically read the responses given by VirtualAdvisor or live advisor, without taking the focus away from the message input field students use to write and send messages.
  • [SA-627] - Allow Global Content Videos to be Overridden
    • Historically the video content associated to global content could not be updated by institutions. This meant videos could not be added to content that did not already or a video, or change the default video. Institutions can now manage and override the video content associated to the global content.
  • [SA-626] - Available Advisors Tab
    • A new tab called "Available Advisors" has been added to the Advising page. This tab will contain a list of all advisors currently flagged as being available for chat, along with information about how long each user has been available, number of current conversations, and category permissions. This tab is available to Admin and Advisor Managers and will also allow these user to Remove (turn off) an advisor's availability manually.