Release Notes

This release contains additional columns on the Question Personalization page, the ability to bulk reject/recycle scholarship candidates, the ability to review historical reports, new reports and updates to existing ones


  • [SU-1760] - Additional Columns in the Question Personalization Page
    • To help institutions better search against the massive library of questions, additional sortable columns have been added to the Question Personalization page easily decipher how questions are being used. The following columns have been added:
      • List: for List type questions, the name of the list associated to the question will be displayed
      • Display to Student: a green checkmark will be displayed for all questions currently set to display to students; those with a red x indicate questions that stay hidden from students
      • # of Scholarships: this is a count of scholarships currently set to using the question as a matching requirement
        • please note this count does not include scholarships currently in Archived status
      • Review Period: displays the current Review Period option set for the question, set to either per term, per award year, custom, or never

  • [SU-1784] - Bulk Reject/Recycle Candidates
    • Institutional users may now bulk reject and recycle scholarship candidates who have submitted an application for a scholarship. Bulk rejecting and recycling candidates is only available for scholarships currently in Published, Open, On Hold, or Ready to Review status, as it is when taking action individually. The bulk icons will appear above the grid when available.


  • Please Note: The bulk reject/recycle will take affect on all candidate records currently found on the grid. Take precaution that you have filtered the candidates list down to the set students you wish to take action on. 
    • For example, if you wish to bulk reject all students who currently do not match to the scholarship, use the Match column filter to select Is False. The results in the grid will then display all students who do not match. At that time you can click the bulk reject button to reject all of the non-matching students. 
  • [SU-1792] - Historical Reports
    • ScholarshipUniverse now enables institutional users to review their history of requested reports and be able to download them, as needed. In the Reports page, a new Historical Reports tab is available, listing all requested reports by the user in reverse chronological order. Requesting new reports continue to run through the same backend process and deliver the results link to the requestee's email. As soon as the report has been generated, it will also appear in the Historical Reports tab to download. Please note that users can only see historical reports requested by themselves, not reports requested by other users.
  • [SU-1557] - Question Personalization - Disable Options If Question Is Hidden From Students
    • Update the Add/Edit Question editor to disable two separate options if the question is current indicated as being hidden from student (Display to Student is disabled). The following options have been disabled due to the fact the hidden questions should not be reopened since the student cannot see them and answer them.
      •  the Review Period option will be disabled, defaulting to "Never"
      • the Re-Open Question button will be disabled, preventing users from mass re-opening a hidden question
  • [SU-1787] - Application Preview Button Within Editor
    • A Preview button is now available within the application editor, located on the top right of the screen. This button will take you to the application preview page, where you can view the application as if you were a student completing it. Historically users would have to navigate back to the main application list page and click the preview icon to switch views. The preview page also has an Edit button to return back to the editor.
  • [SU-1754] - Renewal Details Report
    • A new Renewal Details report is available and is used to pull a list of all students who are eligible for scholarship renewal awards, based on a scholarship being flagged as Renewable to Student. This report includes the standard information found on the scholarship Awards tab for all renewable scholarships. 
  • [SU-1788] - Remaining Budget Details Report - Add Archived Status to Report
    • The Remaining Budget Details report now supports querying against scholarships in Archived status. Altogether, the report pulls information on scholarships in Open, On Hold, Awarding, Completed, and Archived status.
  • [SU-1770] - Organization Users Report - Add ScholarshipUniverse Roles
    • The Organization Users report now includes an additional Roles column to list out all ScholarshipsUniverse roles a user has.


  • [SU-1732] - Awards to Post Dashboard Tile Not Matching Post Screen Results
    • Resolved an issue where the Awards to Post dashboard tile would sometimes not reflect the current amount of award records ready to post for a user. This was caused by logic in the tile that was only reviewing the awarded scholarships that were in Awarding and Completed status - scholarships using Application Method = Internal Application with Continuous Awarding were not being counted correctly in the tile if the scholarship was still in an Open status. Awards for scholarships in Open status are also taken into account now.