Release Notes

This release contains updates to the Notify Non-Awarded Notifications, Batch Thank You Letter export, Remaining Budget appearing it different places, and an award year filter on the Thank You Approval page.


  • [SU-1794] - Updates to Notify Non-Awarded Notifications
    • The Notify Non-Awarded notification is a communication sent out to candidates of an application who are not awarded that particular scholarship. This is set on a per-scholarship basis. Historically, the Notify Non-Awarded record (appearing in Manage Awards > Notify Non-Awarded tab) appears for candidates of a scholarship once the scholarship has moved over to Awarding status. At that time any student who applied to the scholarship would have a record created and an institution could trigger to notify the student whenever they desired. As students have an award generated, those records are removed for those students, as a notification that they did not receive an award is no longer true.
    • In addition to this, new logic has been added that the Notify Non-Awarded record will be generated ahead of time for any student that has been rejected in the Candidates roster of the scholarship. This allows institutions to notify students earlier and not have to wait until the cycle closes and/or review process has been completed. If the student is rejected and then recycled (un-rejected), the notify record is removed until the scholarship has moved into Awarding status, as it always has.
  • [SU-1662] - Batch Thank You Letters Export - Allow Bulk Request without Scholarship Selection
    • The Batch Thank You export no longer requires a single scholarship to be selected in order to request. Instead, a Donor must be selected and multiple scholarships tied to the selected donor can be bulk requested at once.
  • [SU-1753] - Add Remaining Budget to Scholarship/Application Data in Student Profile
    • Remaining Budget is the Total Amount (to be awarded) - the total award amount currently given (it's basically how much money is left to award). The Scholarships tab in the student profile now displays a Remaining Budget amount for any Direct Award scholarships currently matching to the student. This allows easy determination if there are still any funding available in the scholarship if a user wishes to promote the student for an award. The Remaining Budget is also found on the Applications tab for any scholarships tied to applications that the student has in progress or has already submitted.
  • [SU-1789] - Thank You Approval Page - Add Award Year Filter
    • An Award Year filter has been added to the Thank You Approval page. This filters thank you letters by the award year mapped to the scholarship the letter is associated to.
  • [SU-1723] - Institution Scholarship Filter - Add Remaining Budget
    • Remaining Budget has been added as an additional filter for scholarships on the institutional side. By selecting an operator (greater than, less than, equal to, etc) and adding a value, institutions can easily determine which scholarships still have funding to award, and by how much.