Release Notes

This release contains an enhancement to include recommendation surveys in the Batch Application report and a signature field for thank you letters, along with a couple of bug fixes.


  • [SU-1803] - Add Recommendation Survey Documents to Batch Application Report
    • The prior release of recommendation surveys allowed institutions to control the questions and scoring of recommendations in lieu of the request of recommendation letters. As initially designed, the recommendation surveys were only viewable by institutional users within the ScholarshipUniverse interface, when reviewing an application or viewing from within the student profile. After much feedback, this release has updated the Batch Application report to now include these survey recommendations as part of the documents zip folder, if documents are selected as part of the request. Each survey will be generated into a pdf and included in the zip.

  • [SU-1786] - Add Signature Merge Field to Thank You Letters
    • Institutions can now apply a new {{StudentSignature}} merge field to thank you letter templates. The output will display the student's first and last name in fancy cursive, like a real signature.


  • [SU-1806] - ScholarshipUniverse Weekly Newsletter Timeouts
    • Resolved an issue where the ScholarshipUniverse Weekly Newsletter sent to students would have occasional timeout issues when process included a large volume of newsletters to send out at once.
  • [SU-1813] - Review Pool's "Manage Scholarships" Modal Deadline a Day Off
    • Fixed an issue where the deadline dates displayed within the Review Pool's "Manage Scholarships" modal were showing one day ahead of the true deadline date, as displayed correctly in the Cycles page and Scholarships page. This modal now correctly shows the true deadline date.