The Conversation Search report is used to track the volume of conversations had between with VirtualAdvisor and/or advisors via an outreach. This report mimics what is found in the Conversation Search page, but exportable rather than forced to search within the user interface. 

User with the Admin role can access this report from within the Reports page.

Conversation Search Reporting

Admin users can request a report with a summary of messages between students and VirtualAdvisor or advisors captured within a given time frame. This report will be processed and send a link to the user's email to download a CSV formatted file.

  • Click on the Conversation Search tile from the Reports page
  • Select a Category to search for specific conversations; multiple categories may be selected (optional) 
    • please note that conversations may be assigned multiple categories based on the context of the conversation; the Conversation Search grid only displays the last category assigned to the conversation - this captures any conversation that has the selected category assigned to it
  • Select an Outreach to search for specific conversation originating from an outreach campaign sent by an advisor
  • Select a date range to narrow down when conversations took place
  • By default the "Exclude Records with No Messages" switch will be enabled to prevent the report from pulling in blank conversation - these are records where VirtualAdvisor was initiated, but a conversation was never started
    • Turn off "Exclude Records with No Messages" if to include initiated attempts but without conversations starting
  • Click Submit to request the report based on the criteria above

Please Note: This report will only pull in a maximum of 5,000 records. Please manage the data range to a smaller range if a report hits the 5,000 record limit.

The file includes the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Student ID
  • Source - whether conversation occurred over web chat, email, or SMS
  • Product - CampusLogic product that the student was having the conversation in
  • Last Post - date and time of the last message sent by the student
  • Category - a list of any categories associated to the conversation
  • Sentiment - the sentiment based on the last message sent by the student
  • Message Count - number of interactions within the conversation, including VirtualAdvisor/advisors